Zaca Lake

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Santa Ynez Outdoors
High above the valley, located at an elevation of approximately 2400 feet in the San Rafael Mountains, lies one of the true gems of this region. Zaca Lake is one of the most spectacular sites within the entire Santa Ynez Valley. Secluded in the hills like a hidden treasure, this is a special place to visit any time of year. With a wide range of activities available including hiking, mountain biking, swimming, rafting, rope swings, bird watching, wildflower and wildlife viewing, resting, relaxing, reading, and twenty cabins for rent, including a separate, 1,047-square-foot, wood-floored log cabin, this jewel is worthy of a weekend's exploration, if not longer. For any length of time this location is worth the effort as one of the valley's most beautiful and unique destinations. Please note however, day use of the lake is not permitted. Visitors must be staying at one of the cabins to take advantage of the lake and its facilities.

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