Santa Ynez Riverbed

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Santa Ynez Outdoors
Cutting through the center of the valley is the wide swath of the Santa Ynez River, one of the largest rivers on the central coast of California. At 75 miles in length, it passes through an array of geographical areas, including three reservoirs, past several cities, through miles of ranches and private property, and Los Padres National Forest. It drains from the northern slope of the Santa Ynez Mountains and the southern slope of the San Rafael Mountains. Its flow varies dramatically depending on the season, and based on seasonal rainfall from one year to another. In the heart of winter it can be a raging waterway fed by numerous tributaries, but most of the year it meanders calmly down the river valley towards the Pacific Ocean where it enters the water near the city of Lompoc. The riverbed is home to dozens of plant varieties and different types of wildlife and birds, including several endangered and protected species. At several points along the river are access points where visitors can enter the riverbed and explore the shores of this incredible life source for the valley. Walking along the shores visitors will find numerous types of birds, different wildlife, and a variety of plant life.

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