Nojoqui Falls

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Santa Ynez Outdoors
The name Nojoqui comes from the Chumash name "Naxuwl," purportedly the name of a village that was once located in this area. The literal translation of the word is "meadow," which makes sense considering the expansive fields of grass and wildflowers surrounding the county park. The 164-foot Nojoqui Falls is a magical destination within a secluded canyon located approximately six and a half miles south of downtown Solvang. Amazingly lush and green throughout the year, the falls are located at the end of a narrow canyon within Nojoqui Falls County Park. Upon arriving at the falls, you'll see the moss covered face that climbs high into the sky. Cutting down the face is a line of white water that bisects the moss and stone while cascading to the pool below. Prior to its arrival in the small pool, the stream divides into several rivulets that quietly spill off the rocks into the water.

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