Los Padres Forest Association Volunteer Wranglers

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Santa Ynez Outdoors
Somewhat off the beaten path of valley hikes, bike rides, scenic drives and nearby beaches, awaits the unique opportunity to spend time in the backcountry while contributing to the maintenance and upkeep of Los Padres National Forest. This opportunity includes a chance to spend time with a group of volunteers known as the Los Padres Forest Association, or LPFA. The LPFA is the official nonprofit cooperating association for Los Padres National Forest. Its volunteers provide a number of services for the forest, ranging from wilderness patrol to site stewardship for the precious heritage resources within the forest. Services also include helping the National Forest maintain trails and providing interpretive and educational services at forest visitor centers. Among the activities the group sponsors are monthly trail maintenance projects designed to help maintain and restore the Dick Smith and San Rafael Wilderness areas, along with other areas of Los Padres National Forest. The monthly maintenance trips typically range from two to four days, with extended trips sometimes lasting as long as ten days or more as part of their working vacations program. Having participated in one of these work weekends myself, I decided to include a description of my trip as an example of the options available for people interested in spending time in the backcountry while contributing to the sustainability of the National Forest.

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