Trespass Trail

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Santa Ynez Outdoors
Trespass Trail, so named because it actually crosses a stretch of private property mid-way through the hike, is one of the most beautiful and geographically unique trails in the entire Santa Ynez region. Beginning in Gaviota State Park, and ending in Los Padres National Forest, the trail begins by skirting the lower sections of the park, with views of Highway 101 buzzing below, and the Gaviota Coast in the distance, and finishes by winding through an incredible canyon with distinctive rock formations and ever improving views of the Pacific Ocean. The trail starts as a fire road suitable for hiking, mountain biking or horses, and narrows to a rugged single-track that is great on foot, but requires mountain bikers to dismount many times throughout the upper section. Roughly halfway up the climb, the trail encounters a locked gate. State Park officials have said passage through this section has been grandfathered in as part of a deal with the property owners. Although this may be true, the property owners reserve the right to revoke permission to pass at any time. The property owners can and will act independent of park officials.

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