Gaviota Peak via Fire Road

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Santa Ynez Outdoors
A journey to the top of Gaviota Peak, located in Los Padres National Forest but accessed via Gaviota State Park, encompasses sweeping views of the Gaviota coast, the option of a side trip to some hot springs, a State Park, and a National Forest. If you make it to the top, you may see the fading remnants of the 2004 Gaviota Fire. New growth has reclaimed much of the burned area, yet relics of the devastating fire remain around the peak. Intrepid visitors will love the strenuous round trip to the top of the 2458-foot summit, which can be done either on foot or mountain bike. For those less inclined to climb mountains, there is a hot spring, as described in chapter 11, and rolling foothills shaded by sycamore trees in the lower section of the state park. Physically fit cyclists can complete the ride to the top in less than two hours, while hiking would take approximately three and a half to four hours for the round trip. Otherwise, the lower section of Gaviota State Park has a number of trails skirting the lower elevations of the mountain without the strenuous climb to the peak.

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