Munch Trail Loop

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Santa Ynez Outdoors
Soaring to a height of 4,200 feet above sea level, resting high above the valley, is Figueroa Mountain, the gateway to Los Padres National Forest, a vast wilderness area comprising nearly two million acres of open space available for numerous types of recreation and enjoyment. Among the highlights of Figueroa are many miles of hiking trails and dirt roads available for use by recreation groups of all types. One of the best trails on the mountain starts high atop Figueroa before dropping into one of the most beautiful canyons around. Davy Brown Trail connects to several other trails within the network of available trails on the mountain, including an extended trip that can be completed by connecting with Munch Trail and looping back to Figueroa Mountain Road. This combination makes for an excellent adventure, leading visitors through diverse terrain with abundant and varied plant life and beautiful views. The loop can be completed in less than four hours on foot, or about half that time on a mountain bike. Visitors will be amazed at the variety of terrain, ranging from expansive meadows, tall shady forests, fields of yuccas, several refreshing streams, and extensive panoramic views of the Los Padres backcountry.

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