Davy Brown Trail

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Santa Ynez Outdoors
Located high atop Figueroa Mountain, approximately fourteen miles up Figueroa Mountain Road, is a trail that transports visitors to a place seemingly much further away than it actually it is. Davy Brown Trail descends from the top of Figueroa Mountain into Fir Canyon, one of the most beautiful and densely wooded canyons in the entire Los Padres National Forest. Along the way visitors will find pine trees, sycamores, bays, firs, a variety of wildlife, and a stream that cascades down the canyon in increasing intensity. Cyclists can choose to follow a counterclockwise loop that involves linking up with a jeep trail, then a fire road, and back along Figueroa Mountain Road, or turn around at any point and travel back the way you came. The roughly eleven-mile loop provides a great option for cyclists, requiring approximately three hours. A good option for hikers is the six-mile round trip to Davy Brown Campground and back, requiring approximately three and a half hours, or modify the length of your hike to fit your preference. Some visitors leave a second vehicle at the bottom, thus eliminating the three-mile climb back. There are also thirteen campsites available for overnight stays in the Davy Brown Campground.

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