A Justin Marshall

My name is Justin Marshall. Not the Kiwi rugby player, and not the British artist. I am Justin D. Marshall. I currently live in Santa Barbara, California, grew up and went to high school in Santa Cruz, California, and graduated with a degree in English Literature from UCSB. This site is dedicated to sharing my passion for writing, travel, the outdoors, cycling, some lucky point and shoot photography, and my desire to do some cool stuff before I croak.
After writing a monthly outdoors column for the Santa Ynez Valley Journal for three years, I had numerous people tell me I should compile my articles into a first of its kind outdoors guidebook for the Santa Ynez Valley. I began working on the project in August 2007, and finished in the fall of 2009. I’m currently searching for a publisher for the 30-chapter book focused on actively enjoying the outdoors beauty of the Santa Ynez Valley, also known as the Santa Barbara wine country and one of the most beautiful regions of California. The introductory section of the book and a brief synopsis of each chapter are available on this site, along with sample maps and photos. More information is available on request. Feel free to email me with questions about the book, the process of writing it, and my attempts to get it published. Stay posted for updates on the status of this project. Read More »
Also included on this site are travel journals and photos from my round the world trip in 2002-03. After working for a few years in different industries after graduating from college, I found I wasn’t being challenged in a way that satisfied me, so I decided to find something that would challenge and reward me in ways I never dreamed of. During the summer of 2001 I got a second job as a waiter, worked two jobs for a year, saved up a pile of money and hit the road in September of 2002, heading east of the Mississippi for the first time in my life, and then leaving the continent for the first time just a few weeks later. First stop: Santiago de Chile. During my trip I traveled for 11 months to fifteen countries. In South America I discovered a continent too big and too diverse to limit to only a few months, so I stayed for six months and barely saw half of it. After South America I traveled through Europe and Turkey, culminating with the 100th anniversary of the Tour de France and Lance Armstrong’s fifth victory in 2003. After returning from my trip in August of 2003 I returned to Santa Barbara briefly before deciding to continue my travels with somewhat of a working holiday in New York City. I spent six months in New York catering and working as a waiter, and returned to Santa Barbara in May of 2004. Since returning I’ve made it my goal to find the same challenges and rewards in daily life I got from traveling around the world for eleven consecutive months. Writing is one of the passions I discovered while traveling, along with a love of learning, meeting new people, not having to go to work every day, and becoming a better global citizen. Traveling the way I did is an extreme privilege, and I’m fortunate to have been able to see the places I saw and meet the people I met during my trip.


I'm currently working in an office by day, cycling and enjoying California in my time off, attempting to find a publisher for my book, and working on other writing projects when I can. After I get my book published I'll be moving on to my next adventure, whether professional, creative, educational or otherwise. Ideally it will be a combination of all of these.

The road constantly beckons, along with dreams of another long-term adventure and the incomparable sense of freedom and adventure associated with it. In the mean time I love life in California and am blessed to live in a state so rich and diverse in both natural and cultural wonders. California has enough world class destinations to keep most people happy, with the likes of San Francisco, Yosemite, Lake Tahoe, Mammoth Lakes, Santa Barbara, Santa Cruz, and Sequoia National Park to name a few of my favorites. By any measure my life in California is great, but that doesn’t mean I can’t try to make it more interesting, more challenging and more rewarding.

Feel free to email me anytime at: justindmarshall@gmail.com
Cycling saved me. When I moved to Santa Barbara in 1992 I began mountain biking with my uncle and his buddies on their weekly Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoon rides. On my first ride with them I barely made it the top of the steep hill they rode as training for their winter backcountry ski trips. I did better on the second ride and improved with each subsequent ride until eventually I was the first of the group to reach the top of the climb. A year later a mountain biker I passed on the trail suggested I try racing. He told me he raced, and from what he could tell I was able to pass him without any problem, so he thought I’d do pretty well considering he had been racing for a while.

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