Hallowed Halls

Traveling to Yale University

Hallowed Halls

After the electricity and buzz of New York I needed a few days to rest my tired feet and weary head.


Yale University provided the perfect place for the kind of respite I needed. We all know how much I enjoyed college life, and as I continue to put off that thing I’ve heard so much about, something about a real world? Is that what it is? Anyway, Yale was the perfect place to rest, sit in a coffee shop, pretend I was a graduate student and catch up on some reading.


I was even asked a few times if I was a grad student, which made my day. Several people even asked if I was and undergrad, how exciting was that for me to imagine?


As usual my cousin’s friends were amazing, beautiful, dynamic, talented, well mannered, and very friendly. Day and her a cappella group performed one of their beautiful concerts, which always inspire me. To do what, I don’t know, but I was inspired nonetheless.


Just as NY evoked the “we’re not in Kansas” response from me, so too did the beautiful campus of Yale evoke a similar, “We’re not at UCSB” response from that same little voice in my head. I did my best however to represent my glorious Gauchos. I wore shorts despite the rain, wore my flip flops despite the snow. Actually, except for one day of rain the weather was beautiful, and students are students after all, so shorts and flip flops are standard apparel. The dorms, classrooms, accommodations, computer labs, etc. were not standard however. In my humble estimation it appears that Yale is worth the price of admission, the Dean of my cousin’s college knows her by her first name. There are also endless other accommodations and resources that were unknown to me as a student at a public university. They have this great place, it’s a huge building full of books, and they actually allow the students to not only use the books, but they can also take them home and read them, only if they promise to bring them back. Isn’t that amazing? Kind of like Blockbuster for books. Who knew?


The architecture is astonishing too, no post military base barracks for these students. Yale is strictly Gothic and or Colonial architecture that in itself is enough to inspire those kids to study. I felt obligated to write a paper, find some lab work to do, or start a chemistry project myself. To my dismay I had to settle for numerous hours reading in the coffee shop, and several minutes of reading in the Library, which looked more to me like a Mid-evil castle than a giant blockbuster.


Now it’s off to the chowder heads of Boston, Fenway Park, Benjamin Franklin, and more history than I knew existed.


Hope you’re all well.


Justin D. Marshall
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