Santa Ynez Cycling

A Complete Guide to the Best Mountain Bike Rides of the Region, Including Several of the Most Popular Road Cycling Routes. Foreword by Chris Carmichael.


Over the summer of 2016 I self-published my first book, Santa Ynez Cycling. I was inspired to write this book after after writing a monthly outdoors column for The Santa Ynez Valley Journal for three years. During my time writing that column, I had numerous readers tell me I should compile my articles into a book. After experimenting with several different iterations, I decided to publish a cycling guidebook for the Santa Ynez Valley, which is also known as the Santa Barbara wine country. The Santa Ynez Valley is located approximately 35 miles north of Santa Barbara, and is one of the most beautiful regions of California. Most of the rides profiled in the book are mountain bike rides, with a few of the region’s most popular road rides also included. The book has custom maps for each chapter, and color photographs. Hard copies and e-book versions are available for purchase.

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Book #2 Sometime In The Hopefully Not Too Distant Future

As with my first book, I’ll be researching and writing my second book while juggling the daily routine of work, family, fitness, personal life, traveling and adventure, and whatever other types of procrastination I can engage in to put off putting pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard as the case may be. I’m still developing the full concept, but the book will be along the lines of a historical novel based on true events. I’m still gathering information, doing research, most of which leads to more questions and the need for further research, but I’ll continue with the book as a side project until I have a completed manuscript. Writing is an enjoyable creative endeavor and a great way to exercise that part of my brain.